First Investment Forum for Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency In MENA 16-18/11/2014

(IIFREEE2014) Intercontinental Hotel - AmmanIntercontinental Hotel - Amman


The Arab countries, both consumers and decision makers are facing many challenges in adopting RE & energy efficiency (EE) in their energy policies, such as low awareness and lack of know how. Despite the energy map target of 10%-20% of the total energy demand from RE by 2020, the potentials and benefits of RE are still not well recognized. The future Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC), which was announced and promoted by Jordan Renewable Energy Society (JRES) during the recent "Global Green Technologies Forum 2010, is intended to work towards facilitating and promoting the culture of RE and EE will support the development and use of RE in all ways of life.

**The coming investments of renewable energy and energy efficiency will reach more than 200 billion dollar by 2030 in the Arab countries.

Many Mega PV on going projects representatives will participate from Jordan and other from other Arab Countries:

Special Hospitals 15-30 MWp EPC

Phosphate Company 5-15MWp EPC or BOT in two stages

Private universities & public in Jordan around 35 MWp in total

Banks around 20 MWp in total EPC

Hotels around 35 MWp in total EPC or BOT

Potash company around 15 MWp EPC or BOT. Arab

Confirmed Speakers in IIIFREEE2014 till now

1- HE. Dr. Mohammad Hamed - Minister of Energy & Mineral Resources.

2- HE Prof Adnan Badran former prime minster of Jordan ( renewable energy in global energy map )

3- HE Dr Lina Shabeab minter of transportation ( green transportation and

Infrastructure for green cities.

4- HE. Eng. Farouq Al Hyari - President of Energy & Minerals Regulatory Commission.

5- HE Dr thabet Al Taher former minster of energy in Jordan and AREC founder.

6- HE. Mr.Nael Al Kabariti - Jordan Chamber of Commerce Chairman.

7- HE Ambassador Mohammed Mohammed Al Rabih Secretary General of Council of Arab Economic Unity ( league of Arab states )

8- Dr. Waheeb Al Naser, Vice chairman Al Bahrain University. – Renewable Energy Projects in Gulf Countries.

9- Dr. Saleh Rusheidat - AREC Secretary General, Renewable energy strategy in Arab countries.

10- Eng. Jammal Gammo - Chairman of the Energy Committee in the Parliament

11- Dr. Galeb Ma’abreh – General Secretary Ministry of Energy And Mineral Recourses

12- Dr Jawad Al Anani Chairman of the Energy Committee in the Senate.

13- Capital Bank Jordan

14- Dr Fedde Pronk Golabal Solar Investment Netherland

15- 13 -Dr. Salih Manasra Yafa Energy CEO Palestine Conversion of Urban Waste into Bio-Synthetic Jet and Diesel Fuels.

16- Prof Nouraddine Yassa Centre for Development of Renewable Energy Algeria

17- Enertech Holding Co. Kuwait

18- Dr Raed Bkayrat First solar company, PV on Grid model for roof top program in Jordan.

19- Eng. Ivo Bogdanov (Criteria of Evaluation of Mega PV Projects) Solar pro Holding Bulgaria.

20- GUNDER’s General Secretary Mr. Faruk Telemcioglu “Turkish Experience with Sun”

21- The risks of revenue a PV power plant investment is exposed to and possible solutions. Jorg Althaus Director of global competence Centre PV modules TUV Rheinland Energie Germany.

22- Dr Pekka HoovilA key Account Manager for VIT Eco Cities Centre of Finland

23- Prof. Dr Eng. Hussain Al Towaie University of Adan, Yeman Challenges of renewable energy and sustainability in Arab countries.

24- Eng. Sayed Nadeem Ahmed Green Energy Technologies California USA

25- Eng. Samer Zawaydeh (JRES) ,Economic , Environmental and Social Benefits from Appling Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects in Jordan bu 2020

26- Dr Gianni Chianetta talian association assoRinnovabili. ( global solar council initiative )

The Second Day of the IIFREEE 2014:1 at 4:00 The fourth official meeting of Arab Renewable Energy Commission executive office.

By invitation only

The Second International  Investment Forum for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

In MENA  15-17/12/2015

Under the Patronage of HRH Princess Sana’a Assem Chairman of High Steering Committee The Arab Renewble Energy Commission (AREC)



In the Arab countries, both consumers and decision makers face various challenges in adopting renewable energy in their countries policies and legislations. Among these challenges are the lack of awareness and absence of knowledge of how to exploit renewable energy.


It is a not-for-profit nongovernment Commission that is concerned with renewable energy in the Arab world. It consists of a good number of members representing several Arab countries. It was founded in 2011 in Amman- Jordan and honored to be chaired by HRH Prince Asem bin Nayef.

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